Vienna Interdisciplinary Symposium on Aortic Repair


May 13-14, 2024, the Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

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Welcome to VISAR 2024

Dear Friends and Colleagues!
It is our privilege to announce the 15th Vienna Interdisciplinary Symposium on Aortic Repair (VISAR) on May 13-14, 2024. Again, the meeting will take place in the conference facilities of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in central Vienna and bring together not only the Austrian „Aortic Community“ but also renowned experts form leading centres in Europe and the US for open and endovascular aortic surgery. The scientific programme will touch all parts of the aorta and address current questions in specific lectures, case presentations, and panel discussions with live and online audience participation. In parallel, hands-on sessions will prepare young physicians for their own EVAR procedures with state-of-the-art simulators and virtual-reality training. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in springtime Vienna for VISAR 2024!

Marek Ehrlich, Martin Funovics, Stephane Mahr, Martin Grabenwöger, 
Maria-Elisabeth Stelzmüller, Daniel Zimpfer


Registration fees: 


Registration includes access to the conference, the technical exhibition, coffee breaks and buffet lunch, as well as a certificate of attendance.



Early (until April 30) / Late


Full Registration: EUR  300.- / EUR  350.-


Resident*: EUR  200.- / EUR  250.-


Health Professional/Student*: EUR 20.- / EUR 25.-


*) A signed confirmation on departmental letterhead is required for reduced fees.

Educational Forum:
Hands-on Training, Immersive VR

Parallel to the scientific program, VISAR proudly offers hands-on training for TAVI and endovascular aortic procedures in six parallel stations for pre-registered small groups of trainees throughout the meeting. The training is directed at medical professionals who wish to gain experience in performing endovascular procedures, and familiarize themselves with some of the most important products in the field. Novice interventionalists who want to perform their first deployment as well as veterans who wish to fine-tune their skills in state-of- the-art VR environments are likewise welcome.

Designed for small groups of 2-4 physicians, our 30-minute sessions will guide you through an entire EVAR/TAVR process, from vessel access to the deployment of the stent graft. Gain invaluable insights with practical tips and tricks, enhancing your procedural success and patient outcomes. Ensure your spot by registering in advance for this immersive training opportunity. Don't miss out on elevating your skills in aortic endovascular repair.

The "Austrian Aortic Scene"

 VISAR traditionally serves as a reconciliation forum for the Austrian aortic scene, and our partners across Europe and the US. Closing gaps, building bridges, and providing an educational forum inside and beyond the borders of our country are our aims.

Technical innovation

Aortic therapy is an area of rapid technical innovations. Our industrial partners will present you their ingenious inventions, but at the same time, renowned academic experts will also discuss the limitations and unmet needs of current devices. Scientific progress relies on the poles of innovation and critical appraisal.

Panel discussions and audience participation

The time-proven VISAR format of alternating presentations, case demonstrations and ample time for panel discussion of crucial topics will be continued and complemented by a live stream that will also allow remote audience participation in the discussions.

Young Physician Training 

With modern simulators, hands-on training and state-of-the art virtual reality, interested young physicians -and veterans- have the opportunity to hone their skills for their first (or next) clinical EVAR implantation.